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Should I cancel my score (Scantron mistake)?

petitigrepetitigre Member
in General 227 karma
I made a Scantron mistake that led to me to correct about 4 pages worth of LR answers. I didn't have time to erase very thoroughly and make strong, new marks, but I was able to erase and make new marks... How sensitive is the Scantron? Can it tell the difference between old and new marks if the old marks were erased but not very well erased?


  • Faaabs93Faaabs93 Alum Member
    edited October 2015 82 karma
    I too changed a bunch of answers, but i'm not too worried. If anything you can pay the LSAC to hand grade it (which I will be doing solely because I had a bad experience with scantrons in undergrad).

    So I mean an LSAC rep will be reasonable. Say you erased A and put B, but they look identical, you probably will lose the mark. But say A is grayed out and B is clearly marked in a lot thicker than A, you should be fine.
  • petitigrepetitigre Member
    227 karma
    @InsertPseudonymHere Is there a deadline to request hand-grading?
  • Faaabs93Faaabs93 Alum Member
    82 karma
    I'm not sure about the deadline, but I know there's a window for requests after the scores are up.

    So personally I'm just waiting for my score.
  • allergicallergic Alum Member Inactive Sage
    246 karma
    @petitigre I believe you have 60 days after scores are released. All the info is on LSAC's site.
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