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Should I Cancel My Score?

ChapmanECChapmanEC Alum Member

I started experiencing some nausea and other issues from inner-ear problems about a week ago. I thought I was well enough to take the LSAT since my symptoms were pretty mild except in the evenings, but after adding in test-day nerves I was pretty sick by the time the test started. I ended up leaving briefly to throw up during one section, so I didn't finish it. I had 2 LG sections - one I felt really good about (finished with time to spare and was confident in my answers) and the other I tanked (answered the first game and felt confident, but guessed on almost all the others). The harder LG was the last section, by which time I was pretty brain dead and flustered from having left during the test to vomit... I just found out from the Feb 17 LSAT discussion board that my bad section was the real one and not the experimental...

Should I cancel my score or wait and see if I scrape a good enough score to apply to back up schools while I wait for the June LSAT? Which would be worse - a canceled score or bad score with an addendum that I was ill on test day?


  • Pi031415Pi031415 Alum Member
    248 karma

    Idk i think you shouldn't cancel. You already took the test and are scheduled for June. Get your results and see how you did.

  • nessa.k13.0nessa.k13.0 Inactive ⭐
    4141 karma

    Hi Chapman! I'm sorry to hear that. I would cancel if you think your score is far below your ability to perform. This could mean a few of the following things: you guessed on a ton of questions, you feel like you failed due to weaknesses you can address by June such as test day aniexty, a lack of understanding of logic, and pacing. If you think you can improve substantially and you botched this test, I question the point of getting it graded (especially if you guessed a lot). If you think your estimate of your average PT scores before this take (and take into account your mistakes and that section) is a good enough score to give you a shot at the schools you are applying to then--I guess it wouldn't hurt to see. If you think your test day performance below your average PT performance would give you no shot at those schools, I'd consider cancelling. However if this take is the only score on your record and it's not a that big deal to you to have it on file (and you value knowing your specific level of performance) then don't cancel.

  • ChapmanECChapmanEC Alum Member
    85 karma

    Thanks you two! Still weighing my options and will update when I've decided for sure.

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