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New video player shortcuts

Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
edited October 2015 in General 3026 karma
So I didn't know this until today (thanks for sending the YT link JY!), but YouTube lets you Rewind Pause Forward with the JKL buttons on your keyboard:

I instantly loved it. So easy to learn and makes controlling videos so much more instinctual. I had to have this in our video player, so I added it :) You may need to do a force refresh if the new shortcuts aren't showing up for you.

So now we have (new in bold):
K or Space = Play / Pause
J = Rewind 10 seconds
L = Forward 10 seconds
, or < = Speed down
. or > = Speed down
F = Full Screen
M = Mute
↓ = Volume Down
↑ = Volume Up

This cheatsheet is available in the player by hovering the icon on the left side of the player, above the playback speed options.

With the exception of the last two (volume up and volume down), these shortcuts are the same as YouTube, so you can use your 7Sage wizardry to master YouTube too.
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