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Had registerd at a Test Center, got update reg terrible seating. Test center change? Deadline today

lschoolgolschoolgo Member
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Like the title says, I'd registered for the Dec at JFKU law and had enquired about seating conditions at it with the test center staff. I received an update that suggests that seating will be bad (multiple people on the same desk), which can be very distracting for me.

Should I change the test center? The Deadline is Today so I don't have much time.
I am open to driving far as long as the center has excellent seating and will be staying at a hotel the night before.

I am considering other centers in Bay Area.

I am consideting UoP McGeorge Law at Sacramento but don't know anything about this test center.

Any opinions on if I should change and to what center in Bay Area?


  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Guess this question didn't get answered due to the last-minuteness of it but I hope you figured things out. It's not really something that you can get too much advice on since it's all due to personal preference (eg. you getting distracted when seated with others).

    Either way, good luck and happy studying!
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