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differences in newer and older tests; June Test Question/ Concern

jrkovalsjrkovals Alum Member
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i feel like the difficulty in the reading comp has increased with the newer tests (espc. in terms of the question and answer choices); the difficulty in logic games has decreased; and more grey are has come in the logical reasoning sections. Here I mean the things i am getting wrong are not so much problems with logic or things we learned about in the course but with subtle nuances or interpretations of a word -things i consider more grey than questions from the older PTs . Does anyone else share this sentiment? I am only on Pt 54. If you are futher along and agree (or disagree) are there any further changes in the pattern of the test ( assuming you agree there has been changes) or is 54 about represantive of the most recent tests? I want to use my time to study the most representative old tests of the newest tests. So if 54 is very similar to the newest tests ill cont in my chronological taking of the Pts. If 54 is not really representative, then ill consider jumping forward to allocate my time most effectively given the amount of time i have left if i take the test in June.

Much appreciation,



  • ArchiebootsArchieboots Alum Member
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    Okay well that's a complex question to answer. I do not believe there is a trend in LSAT tests, that is to say that some years are harder and other are easier. I personally believe that the latest PT (especially 69, 70 and 71) were easier than say the ones from 2008 and 2009. I agree with you that the reading comprehension has been tough and games usually followed this pattern: 2 easy-ish games, 1 WTF game and 1 lengthy but manageable game. However, I took the February LSAT this year and it was the total opposite - games were tough but reading comprehension was fairly easy. The February test is an odd on so who knows if the LSAC is trying to break a "trend" or not. I believe PT54 is fairly representative of what you get these days but you should definitely practice 69, 70 and 71.
  • jrkovalsjrkovals Alum Member
    183 karma
    okay. Thanks for the info!!
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