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LG Help!

MrSamIamMrSamIam Legacy Inactive ⭐
edited November 2015 in Logic Games 2086 karma
Hey Everyone!

So, LG and RC have always been my weakest sections. I'm working on RC now, and don't feel like I should post a thread requesting help since I haven't been able to isolate what it is about the section that drives me crazy -probably timing.
However, I've been drilling LGs on and off for the last 4 months, and I've yet to complete an entire section. The most I've completed were 3 games, with a -1 score between the three.
That said, I know my issue with LG is timing and sometimes the initial set-up. It takes me anywhere from 10-15 minutes to complete a game, regardless of how simple the game is. That said, is there any advice you guys and gals can offer? Now that I have another 6-8 months to study, I'm going to implement the "fool proof" method more than I have before.

Also, regarding LG when should we try to draw out all of the possibilities? Often I'll look at my initial set-up and think "Well...there are probably a ton of to the questions!" I then find out from J.Y's video that there were only 6-8 possibilities. After watching the videos, I beat myself up about not realizing that I could have cut my time in half by just writing out/finding all of the possibilities. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.
My issue with determining whether I can write out all of the possibilities is timing. I worry that I'll waste time only to find out that there are more possibilities than I assumed, and that my now-random hypotheticals won't apply to any of the questions.


  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
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    @Pacifico has offered lots of good LG advice. I'll try to find you a link to his older posts. @nicole.hopkins has posted a recent RC tutorial video. I'll try to find that as well. Hang tight and keep up the practicing.
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
    1749 karma
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
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  • DumbHollywoodActorDumbHollywoodActor Alum Inactive ⭐
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    First, I always do my first instance of a game timed. Sometimes, I solve for each world. Sometimes, I just go off the rules. After, I BR, writing out every world. And after doing that about a hundred times, you’ll start to develop an intuition. (I think I’m close to having done 1000 games. It’s a constant process and it will continue to be until I’m done with this test.) More often than not, I’ll do a hybrid, where I’ll find a node to split a board or two to get a feel, or I’ll do one hypothetical game board to see how the rules interact with each other. That’s really all the best you can do. There’s no hard and fast rules.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Legacy Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @nye8870 Thanks so much! Watching the videos now. RC and LG can be frustrating, but I'm glad I'm starting to get the hang out it.

    @DumbHollywoodActor I get what you mean. It makes perfect sense. I posted in another discussion that mastering LG will happen once the games feel second nature. I'm assuming that's essentially what you're saying about deciding whether or not to solve for all possible scenarios.
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