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Cyclical Games/Circular Sequencing

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here! I am taking the June test. I wanted to cover all of my bases, so I was wondering if anyone had a list of games similar to December 1994 Game 4. Also, does anyone have a list of all the games that feature circular sequencing. For example, when we have to seat people around a table? (There was one in June 1991). Maybe JY knows where these games appear.



  • David WayneDavid Wayne Member
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    There was one on February 2014, and its the reason i'm taking June. Study them well.

    See preptest 41 game 4. I'll post the other notables if i think of them, but i don't believe there are more than 5.
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    Hi David,
    Thanks for the response! I heard there was on February's test. There is a difference between cyclical games and circular ordering games (circled seating where you just sequence the players). I wanted to clarify that. Where are games like December 1994, a cyclical game with patterning?

    If anyone can provide a list, that would be great. Like David said, it would be good to study them because of what occured in February.
  • David WayneDavid Wayne Member
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    Game 4 of December 1994 is a truly ancient game, which i really wouldn't worry about too much. I suppose that's what we were saying when we dismissed the circular games, but there was a circular game on preptest 41 which is far more recent than the most recent cyclical game.
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