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To BR or not to BR

dj768083724dj768083724 Alum Member
in General 112 karma
Happy Gray Day ladies and gentlemen. So I got 158, 3 points above my average. Solid 22 points above my diagnostic but 7 points below my goal.

I'll be debating retake right up until our deadline Friday but in the meantime I was still in the midst of PT and BR.

My question to the community is whether or not to start BR on 77 as I didn't bother looking at any of the answers and I want to eat Game 3 alive.

What are everyone's thoughts? I still have all of the 70 tests to take and I just don't know if it will be worth it quite yet.


  • granny_smithgranny_smith Member
    91 karma
    I also took the December, and now I'm planning to take the June. I think I'm going to save mine and do it timed much closer to the time of the June exam, since I've exhausted a lot of PTs; but I'd be interested in what other people are planning to do too if they're retaking.
  • Nicole HopkinsNicole Hopkins Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    edited January 2016 4344 karma
    OP--Score breakdown?
  • dj768083724dj768083724 Alum Member
    112 karma
    @"Nicole Hopkins" -7 RC which is actually better than I usually do, my average for the last 5 tests have been -10.8. LR was -9 and -6. My average has been -7.7 and LG was -8, my average is -7.2.

    All things considered I actually did better than I usually do. I went in with the anticipation I only wanted to take it to have a score and see how I respond to "real" testing conditions. I expected to take February when I started the test but while I'm not satisfied with 158, I know it's decent enough to get me into most part-time programs in the Washington, DC area minus Georgetown.
  • cjones76cjones76 Alum Member
    318 karma
    I'm saving mine and not BRing until it is a closer time to my retake.
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