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Testing center problem

edited February 2016 in General 16 karma
Hey! Just a quick question. I sat for the Feb test last weekend and had a less than desirable testing situation. First, I had submitted all proper documentation for a biographical change through lsac. When I arrived I was told that since my name did not match the roster I wasn't going to be admitted. I understand that there are rules about things like this, but it made me even more anxious thinking I wasn't even going to be admitted. After going through the rule book multiple times, they finally called lsac and were told that I could be admitted. This threw me off my game for the first section of the exam. Then as I was starting to get into rhythm a kid in the room started making snoring noises...I know right how could you fall asleep during this test?? So during the break the proctor came to me and apologized for that noises and they were sorry it was distracting me (I guess my glances gave away my frustration). And then to top all of that off I overheard one of the proctors tell another test taker that he was going to have to dismiss him since the proctor heard his phone go off; however, the student was allowed to finish taking the exam and was bragging about having a phone but still getting to finish the test. So my question is, should I file a complaint about the testing conditions of this test? They said your results can be held due to an investigation and I really don't want to delay even though I know I did horrible. Any advice would be wonderful!!


  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
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    like you said, filing a complaint could delay your score a little so, note that doesnt mean it WILL delay, it just could. if you wanted to cancel then filing a complaint could lead to allowing a cancellation with the ability to retake for free. otherwise it is up to you. if you are okay with the possibility of a little delay then go ahead and complain so LSAC could potentially discuss with those proctors about how to properly handle such situations should they arise again. If you absolutely do not want to cancel and def want your score on time then don't is really what it comes down to
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
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    You said you think you did horrible. So, do you intend on keeping that score? Or cancelling? If the latter, you may as well file a complaint.
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