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[Test Center Review] Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida(USA)

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Proctors: 4 or 5 proctors. One read instructions and stayed in the front the entire time and handled the timer. The others walked around the room. The instruction reader was very nice and gave everyone ample time in between sections to get ready for the next section.

Facilities: facilities are nice. There are 2 bathrooms for males and 2 for females so the line isn't too bad during break. Couches to sit on in lobby during snack break as well.

What kind of room: lecture hall in the law school. Fairly large room that seats probably ~200 people at max capacity.

How many in the room: ~100. They staggered seating so you have an empty seat to each side of you.

Desks: desks are very large. As stated, seats are staggered so you have an empty seat to each side of you. Chairs are the kind that swivel out from beneath the desk and have high back. If you lay your chest flat on desk and spread your arms out you still won't touch your test-mates space probably, that's how much room you have.

Left-handed accommodation: not Really a need for this as you have so much space, but they put me on the far left next to the isle since I'm left handed I'm assuming.

Noise levels: noise was non-existent on the part of the proctors, facility, outside etc. The only noise was other test takers and their sniffly noses and coughing lungs...

Parking: Parking is an not really an issue. They said the law school parking lot would be available but the gate was down so people couldn't park there. Luckily since the law campus is right next to the civic center and fsu, there is ample parking in the parking garage and civic center. (this would be different if you take the test on a Saturday that is a home football game. You may get towed or ticketed if you park in those spaces)

Time elapsed from arrival to test: ~1 hour.

Irregularities or mishaps: none that stand out. Proctors were professional, no outside noise, etc.

Other comments: As stated above, if you take the test in Sept/Oct and fsu has a home football game You may run into some outside noise and parking issues. FSU sells the parking garage spots as tailgate spots and people get pretty rowdy on game day. Also the law school is next to the civic center which often hosts game day events there. So be cautious of that when signing up.

Would you take the test here again? Yes.


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