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[Test Center Review] Life University, Marietta, GA/USA

Proctors: There were 3 in my room and they seemed a little unsure of the rules. They took it seriously, though.

Facilities: Clean, nice, desks were a little small (when I took the test at another facility there were tables with 2 people per), but all in all its a nice college campus.

What kind of room: Typical college classroom. Lots of chair/desk combos, but the classroom was also quite large. Maybe sat 40 people?

How many in the room: I'd say around 40

Desks: uncomfortable (hard) and just a little too small chair/desk combo

Left-handed accommodation: don't know

Noise levels: the environment itself was quiet, but one girl had a coughing fit, a guy up and left in the middle and made a considerable amount of noise. You'll get that anywhere though.

Parking: Plenty of it! It's a college campus, and there are a couple of parking lots attached to the building.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: Between sign in (which was done inside the classroom, unlike my last experience where you signed in and then were walked back to a classroom) and test start it took about 20 minutes.

Irregularities or mishaps: A couple noisy things, but mostly pleasant.

Other comments: It's a nice campus, and I think I prefer the classroom setting due to familiarity.

Would you take the test here again? Yes

Date[s] of Exam[s]: Feb 2016
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