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[Test Center Review] Northeastern University, Boston, MA/USA

Proctors: Efficient, but lax about the rules including bags and items. Did not check materials brought into the room with too much scrutiny.

Facilities: Excellent, renovated building with cafe, bathrooms, and seating area

What kind of room: Lecture hall style classroom

How many in the room: ~50

Desks: connected arc of table space, plenty of room

Left-handed accommodation: no idea

Noise levels: quiet

Parking: Took public transit

Time elapsed from arrival to test: 45 minutes

Irregularities or mishaps: someone brought a shopping bag and they let them leave it up front, they also let someone leave early to catch a flight

Other comments:

Would you take the test here again? Yes

Date[s] of Exam[s]: June 2015


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