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[Test Center Review] Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

lschoolgolschoolgo Member
edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 274 karma
Proctors: The student of the law school proctored the test. They were very cool and quiet. Enforced all rules reasonably and gave proper 5 min warning in all sections. Many test takers had water on the desk while the test was going on, and they didn't object to it even though they probably could according to test instructions.

Facilities: Very good. The test was held in Bannan Hall building in its lecture halls on the first floor. Since the test was on Saturday, the parking garage right in front of the building was open for all and had no parking restrictions. It takes a minute to walk from the parking to the test room.

What kind of room: It was a large lecture Hall with continuously running desks. The room was very quiet and it's almost soundproof from all outside noises.

How many in the room: May be 75-80 test takers per lecture hall. The hall had 6-7 rows of seating and every row had about 10-13 test takers on average. There was plenty of space between test takers so no one felt cramped for space.

Desks: The desks were lecture hall styled continuous running desks. So everyone in the same row is pretty much on the same desk as it runs across the hall. The chair didn't have any armrest but it was not needed either. Overall very comfortable seating arrangement.

Left-handed accommodation: I am right handed and didn't pay attention to it. But the desk/chair style was handedness-agnostic, i.e. it should be just as easy for left-handed as for the right one.

Noise levels: Very quiet, I didn't hear any noise.

Parking: Right next to the Hall, less than 1 minute walk away is a large parking garage with free parking on weekends.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: There was a long line outside at 8:30. Everyone was seated in their desks by about 9am and I think the test began around 9:30 or so after instructions.

Irregularities or mishaps: Nothing.

Other comments: All in all, a great test center in a very easy to reach location. The proctors are punctual, careful, and cool. The seating arrangement couldn't be beat.

Would you take the test here again? Yes, I took the test here the first time. But this test center usually doesn't hold the June test as the June test is on Mondays when the law school is in session. So I wasn't able to take the test at this location for the retake.
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