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[Test Center Review] Muhlenburg College, Allentown, PA/USA

legally_chelslegally_chels Alum Member
edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 206 karma
Proctors: The proctors at the test center were really quiet throughout the test (which I highly appreciated). They gave us a 5 minute warning and enforced all the rules they were told to follow for test day.

Facilities: The building was pretty easy to get around. Right outside the building where the test was at, there was a sign that let you know the LSAT was taking place there. The bathrooms were right across the room where the test was being held. The slight downside was that when we finally got our 15 minute break, there were only 2 stalls in the women's bathroom and so it took a bit for all the girls to get to use the bathroom haha.

What kind of room: The test was in a big, open room. The room felt comfortable in terms of temperature. The lighting was bright as it should be.

How many in the room: I believe 20 people registered to take the test but only 15 showed up. The room could have easily fit 50 people so I was actually really happy that not that many people were there to take the test. Made my experience a whole lot better!

Desks: Desks were long, spacious desks that could fit multiple people. There were about two people placed at each long desk and there was about 3 open seats between me and the other student taking the test. I had a lot of room to spread out my exam materials.

Left-handed accommodation: Since the desks were just long tables, I assume that left-handed people would have no problem with taking the test on that kind of a desk. I am right-handed so I wasn't really paying attention to whether or not it affected any left-handed people.

Noise levels: The room was pretty quiet. I never heard any outside noises. A few people in the room must have had a cold that day because I heard a lot of sniffling as well as people coughing. For the most part, it never really bothered me.

Parking: Parking lot was really close to the hall. It took about a minute to walk to the building. It was also free parking which was an added bonus.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: I got there really early so thankfully I was the first in line. Since there were only 15 people who showed up for the test, checking us all in did not take long. The test started for us at about 9:10 a.m. after instructions.

Irregularities or mishaps: None!

Other comments: All in all, it was a really good test center. Muhlenburg College is only 15 minutes from my house so the drive was pretty quick. Due to my experiences there I would highly recommend that anyone who lives within this area take the test there!

Would you take the test here again? YES!!!!! Except, I am really upset that Muhlenburg is not an available test center location for the June 2016 administration (which I am of course signed up to take). The only time they administer tests at their location are for the December, February, and September/October administrations. This makes me so sad. :( So if anyone knows anything about the Penn State - Lehigh Valley test center, please let me know and post it on here!
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