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[Test Center Review] Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

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edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 3107 karma
Proctors: 2 or 3 proctors. All were VERY strict with the time/putting pencils down; one proctor actually ran to a student to yank the pencil out of her hand. One person got kicked out for not following the instructions. All instructions (phones, food, IDs, etc.) were followed to a T.

Facilities: Ballantine Hall. Bathrooms were on the same floor. Elevators are a pain to use (if you go to IU, Ballantine is a notoriously weird internally designed building).

What kind of room: Small classroom.

How many in the room: The room could fit 30ish students.

Desks: Worst part of the testing room. Small college desks. Not enough room to fit both the test booklet and Scranton at the same time.

Left-handed accommodation: Yes.

Noise levels: No issue with noise.

Parking: Campus parking is a pain. Ballantine has a parking lot, but I walked to the testing room from my apartment. One of the campus bus routes takes you to Ballantine, so that is a possibility if you live off campus/don't want to drive.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: I showed up at 7:30. We started at about 8:30ish/8:45ish. The proctors were very strict about the directions, so we started promptly.

Irregularities or mishaps: Besides the person getting kicked out (which I didn't even realize until after the exam), nothing.

Other comments: I took the exam in September 2014 (PT 73), so some of my information might be out of date (such as if the same proctors are there). However, Ballantine Hall hasn't changed in 1000 years, so I doubt it has changed since then.

Would you take the test here again? If I had a choice to take it elsewhere, I probably would not take it at IU. I really don't like the small desks, so if you can avoid that at your testing center, I'd do that. Nevertheless, if you are an IU student, the closest spot is probably Indianapolis, and although that drive is only about an hour long from Btown, the roads can get pretty bad if the weather is bad in December.
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