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[Test Center Review] Howard University (Med School), Washington, DC

Proctors: I believe there were four total. The main guy who called time each section called it 30 seconds early in one section.

Facilities: Nothing special. Howard's campus is old and not very nice or updated, but the bathrooms are fine. *See heater comment below*

What kind of room: Large auditorium

How many in the room: Maybe 100-130? There were other rooms people went to, though I'm not sure if they were also auditoriums or small lecture halls/rooms.

Desks: Seats are narrow with tiny (and I mean TINY) flip desks, about 8" across but triangular, so I had to take the exam on my lap because they were so small and one could not support or balance the booklet and pencils/eraser/etc.

Left-handed accommodation: N/A

Noise levels: Average

Parking: Highly recommend taking public transit or a cab as parking is limited and mostly zoned.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: An hour and a half or so, maybe a bit more.

Irregularities or mishaps: Howard U did not turn on the heaters until we arrived in the testing room, even though it was icy outside and the forecast had long said it would be cold. Since it was such a huge room, it took a very long time to warm up, and I couldn't feel my hands or feet for the first half of the exam. It was terrible.

Other comments:

Would you take the test here again? NEVER again. Even if the location is convenient, it's not worth the inconvenience of the testing site itself. It definitely had an impact on my test performance.

Date[s] of Exam[s]: December 2015
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