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[Test Center Review] American University Washington College, Washington, DC

jacquiixjacquiix Alum Member
Proctors: 5 proctors total, with 2 in the back watching. Overall very good. Stuck to the time well, gave clear instructions, announced 5 minute warnings. Only drawback was the proctor who passed out the test forms excruciatingly slowly.

Facilities: Facilities are comfortable. Bathroom wasn't too far away, chairs are comfortable, rooms are well-lit. Bring a watch though, it's hard to see the clock from certain areas of the room.

What kind of room: Medium sized rooms divided into three sections (left, right, middle) that all face towards the front and center.

How many in the room: ~50 in my room. There weren't many people, and it was very spacious. They staggered seating so that you have empty seats on either side.

Desks: My favorite part! LOTS of room for you. They don't have individual desks, they have one long desk for an entire row. Plus, no people on either side of you so you can fan out all of your items to your heart's content.

Left-handed accommodation: Doesn't apply, the desks are for both right and left handed folk.

Noise levels: The only noise came from the other test takers (flipping paper, coughing, sneezing, yawning). But since there weren't too many people, the noise was minimal. The area itself is secluded enough that you won't hear urban noises from the classroom.

Parking: I'm not sure exactly how large the parking lot is since I personally took a cab, but AU provides parking for test takers.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: They start checking you in and putting you into rooms when you arrive. So if you arrive earlier, you will start earlier and vice versa. I would say ~20-30 minutes.

Irregularities or mishaps: None.

Would you take the test here again?: YES! This is a great test center, with ample room, good temp, no noise, and competent proctors. What more can you ask for? (Other than an easy exam, of course)

Date[s] of Exam[s]: December '15
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