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[Test Center Review] University Of Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, CA

lschoolgolschoolgo Member
edited March 2016 in Test Center Reviews 274 karma
Proctors: The proctors were the school staff and were reasonable. The main supervisor did announcements regarding test instructions from the podium in the lecture hall over the mic so everybody could hear it. The test was done in a very large lecture Hall and all the test takers were in that single big hall.

Facilities: The restrooms were right outside the lecture hall. It got crowded during the break and there was a small line in front of the restrooms, but not something that was too bad.

What kind of room: The Hall was very large with seating for about 300-500 people, but test takers were seated so that one seat between consecutive test takers was left empty. This was almost necessary as else the test takers would have been seated too close. There were around 100-150 test takers in the hall.

How many in the room: ~100-150

Desks: The desks were long continuous lecture hall style of seating. The chairs were individual and height-adjustable.

Left-handed accommodation: Not left handed so I can't tell, but the desk chair style didn't appear to pose an issue for left-handedness.

Noise levels: The nature of large lecture Hall meant that there could be people sneezing, coughing, sniffling at times. I happened to get the wrong seat where two test takers right next to me were sick and were sneezing for various sections of the test. This did distract me in the middle of a very tough section as it got louder. Other than test takers noises, there wasn't any other noise.

Parking: Right next to the lecture Hall room. The parking is marked with a notice that it requires parking permit, but they said one could park there. It would have been better if they put up a notice next to parking notice that the LSAT test takers could park there during the duration of the test.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: About an hour.

Irregularities or mishaps: None that I noticed.

Other comments: The only main issue was noise from other sick test takers due to the nature of the large Lecture Hall

Would you take the test here again? likely yes

Date[s] of Exam[s]: Dec 2015
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