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June Vs September 2014 Test/ When's Best?

LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
edited May 2014 in General 244 karma
Hi Everyone, I have been studying For the LSAT for the past few months and am not where I want to be (score wise, High 140, Low 150). I Just graduated Last year and Don't have other material or courses to study but this. Knowing that the score that I will get the FIRST time around ( I don't want to take it, get a bad score and then retake) will really be the most important aspect in this test, what are you guy's advice on when to take it. I have done a quite amount of research and it seems that the June test considering how late in the day it's offered, giving you more time to prepare letters and statements and also giving you the chance to apply early is the best choice. Following the June test, September seems to be the next best choice, For it still gives you time to apply given that every other part of your applications are ready and be considered "early" and that give you time during summer to study (less time to enjoy summer) but is offered in the morning ( which is a downside for me). Please advice me on how much I'll be missing out if I postpone my test to september instead of the June test coming up. Thank you, looking forward to hearing all different ways of thinking about this situation and really appreciate anyone's point of view.


  • Jonathan WangJonathan Wang Yearly Sage
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    The best time to take it when you are scoring in practice where you want to be scoring on the real deal. The other stuff is completely irrelevant until you can consistently replicate the score you want. If taking the test now means scoring lower, you're not missing out on anything and are actually actively hurting your application.

    I don't know how ready you're going to be in September, but based on what you've written there is no circumstance under which you should plan to take in June.
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