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Burning out?… :|

ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
edited May 2014 in General 210 karma
Hey Guys!
You guys have been super helpful so far.
I feel like i’m burning out!! I’m 4 -6 points away from my goal score, i just need to tune up my LR and RC section…
What are some tips on how to regain the brain power? Not sure whats going on, i royally bombed PT68 today and it was over a mixture of STUPID mistakes and fell for probably EVERY trick the LSAT had to offer me, especially in LR.
I’m thinking about taking a day off.. but on that day, can i read a lot of articles from the economist? or should i just not even touch a book?


  • LSATislandLSATisland Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Take a break and do whatever you enjoy. If that is reading "a lot of articles from the economist" - sure, go ahead. But I'd assume a movie, a jog, etc... might be more conducive. You're almost at your goal score, you've earned a break - enjoy it without letting your mind wander to the LSAT.
  • ewch1992ewch1992 Member
    31 karma
    I totally feel that way too! Might be good to take the day off to workout or watch tv etc. What's your goal score and what's your daily study schedule like?
  • raytranrraytranr Alum Member
    105 karma
    I'm just starting to recover from my burnout - take a "productive break" before you go back to bad habits. Read something, workout, play, sleep; reconnect with people who will motivate you and keep you positive - BUT keep your mind engaged. I suggest doing some light drills (redo a game, passage, some lrs) and maybe some of the essay prompts so you don't go cold.
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    edited May 2014 210 karma
    Thank you ALL!
    Hi @ewch1992 My goal score is low 160’s i’m at 156 right now and royally bombed a test yesterday 151 :( i was so upset bc i made so many stupid mistakes and questions i should be getting right, i got wrong.. so i panicked and decided i’ll just take a day, rewind and do a thorough review. Repeat a lot of games as well, so take it easy.
    Then take another one tomorrow…
    LR and RC are my worst sections…so i do a time section and BR it every day.
    I’m almost there with LR though… just need to work on getting faster, i’m guessing on 4-6 per section.
    RC, I just need to work on learning to LET GO of some questions, so i can at least complete the section.
  • bt.prattbt.pratt Member
    10 karma
    Burning out is quite normal when you spend most of your free time burning through study materials, practice tests, and mentally/emotionally berating yourself on an incompetency that doesn't actually exist.

    First, don't beat yourself up on practice tests that you made mistakes on. Take them as a blessing. Go back through the practice test and review all the mistakes you made and make sure you understand why each answer you chose is wrong compared to the right answer choice. Mistakes are going to be made. The designers of the LSAT are brutal in their use of English grammar and vocabulary. Not to mention the likelihood of error when they begin talking about things for which you have little to no familiarity. For example, I'm no economics man and I cringe in fear when the discussion arises. However, if they start talking about entomology, I invariably crush those questions simply due to a lift in confidence.

    As for a break, you'd be crazy NOT to take a day off. Do a brief review in the morning and the evening. Maybe a timed LR section in the morning and a logic game or two at night. Otherwise, spend your day doing things you haven't been able to do. Go socialize, read a book, get lost in the woods, or whatever it is you do. Just make sure that the following day you get back to the books.

    Finally, if you still feel like you're burning out ask yourself, "How badly do I want this? Does it really matter to me? Is this something I want more than anything?" If you feel strongly about it, you'll put burning out aside from your mind and continue pushing forward.

    Don't give up and good luck.
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