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PT 65's LR Sections harder?

chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
edited December 2015 in Logical Reasoning 827 karma
Hey everyone,

So today I wrote PT 65, and I was a writing the second LR section, I thought to myself that it seemed considerably harder than usual. I was just wondering if anyone else thought that? The first LR for PT 65 I went -6, but the second section nailed me and I went -11. I felt like a lot of the answers were very difficult to read and understand (more than usual) and that a lot of the answers were very difficult to distinguish between two answer choices. Clearly I need to work on my LR, but looking to see if it was just a fluke and that it was reasonably more difficult or if I really do need to improve THAT much more.


  • blackhawksfanblackhawksfan Alum Member
    55 karma
    I just did PT 65 yesterday. I actually had an opposite experience. I found the first LR section of that test harder than the second section. I also found the second LR particularly easier than other PTs. Perhaps the difference is due to our different strengths in question types. But what we can be sure is that tests usually have 1 hard and 1 easy LR. Also, this is the first time I did this, but I marked down quickly how much time I had left when I reached certain questions. For the 2nd LR section, by the time I reached question 13, I had 19 mins left. By the time I reached question 20, I had 9.5 minutes left. I ended up having to guess 1 question; I ended up with -3. (First LR I had -6 too). (I'm not sure if telling you this helps but I just wanted to respond to your post on PT 65)

    The RC was ridiculously hard, IMO.
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    haha thats funny! I guess it must be due to our strengths/weaknesses. According to the LSAT analytics my weakest areas are flaws, weakening and MBT. As far as the RC goes, every tests RC section seems ridiculously hard to me! so this one was no different just seemed like another outrageous section that demolished my score. Also, I appreciate the reply, at least I know I have some improvements to make.
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