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Social Science and Law sections

lmekahellmekahel Alum Member
edited July 2016 in Reading Comprehension 161 karma
Hi, I'm consistently having problems with the Social Science and Law sections in the reading comprehension sections. I score almost perfect on my Humanities and Natural Science sections, but I can't seem to get more than 2 or 3 right within the two other areas. I was hoping there was some kind of strategy or method of thinking that I could try and incorporate that would help me within Social Science and Law.
If anyone has any good tips that would be awesome.


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    @lmekahel Darn I'm jealous and wish I could score almost perfect on Humanities and Natural sciences ;)

    Do you think you have done more of the Humanities/Natural science sections? It could be that you just need to practice with those sections... I don't necessarily think there is anything different I do with different passages as far as my attack strategy. However, I do notice much more speed and confidence with anything with History/Economics because that is what I am studying.

    Otherwise, do you feel like it is more challenging to stay engaged/interested in the subjects your having a bit of trouble with? I know overtime I get an Art passage I end up dropping the ball because it is so boring to me.
  • lmekahellmekahel Alum Member
    edited July 2016 161 karma
    @"Alex Divine" I haven't really targeted certain sections within the Reading Comp. I usually do a full section and analyze afterwards my work. I seemed to notice that I was doing consistently well in Natural Science and Humanities rather than the other topics. Whether I was doing them first or last it didn't matter, I seemed to grasp the point of the passage way more. The level of difficulty didn't affect it too much either. If I'm reading a Social Science or Law passage whether its 1star or 4 I still get it wrong. I just can't seem to understand the point of the passage or why certain examples are use to prove a point for Social Science and Law.
    It's pretty ironic that I can't seem to get those sections...
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