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Requests that would really help me out.

LSATKingsmanLSATKingsman Alum Member
@"Dillon A. Wright" @"J.Y. Ping"

1. It would be a huge help to be able to enter multiple scores for the same PT. The BR feature kinda works but it takes a long time to plug in my answers and for many tests I have my BR answers in that spot! Would really help me see what questions I have missed multiple times and also let me see my progress.

Currently I am having to use incognito mode to score my test's as I don't want to erase my initial scores because I want to see what questions I am missing repeatedly. Analytics based on these scores would also be VERY telling in question type and what I am struggling with.

I know you both are super busy so maybe add this to spot #1243231 on the list. Haha



  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    There is a download option at the bottom oh the questions tab "Export Data", I found this helpful for tracking multiple scores. Plus you can also add notes to a test, so you can put original scores and missed questions there too.
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