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Sick a Week Before Test

I'm in need of advice. I've been feeling unwell since the beginning of this week, and I thought it was just another burnout. So I lightened my LSAT workload but kept doing school and work as usual. However, some flu symptoms showed up yesterday and I feel really sick today. I sat down to take a PT this morning, and felt extreme fatigue and had a horrible headache. I'm really worried for the test next weekend. I've been prepping for a long time, and I have been hitting my target score before this week. What should I do?


  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    Don't do anything LSAT-related, that's for sure. That will only exhaust you and lessen your chances to do well on test day. Get better as quickly as you can; if you have flu-like symptoms with a fever and everything else, your symptoms will hopefully only last a few days. A break from the test before test day may actually help you anyway. I myself have done next to nothing for the past four or five days, and I can't wait to get back to studying tomorrow.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    I'm normally that guy that generally just refuses to go to the doctor, lol, but in this situation with so much at stake, I'd go to the doctor immediately and try to nip this in the bud. Even if it's legit the flu, there's probably still time to recover if you get on it.

    Feel better!
  • blah170blahblah170blah Alum Inactive ⭐
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    This is hard advice to follow but try not to stress out about being sick. Stress will only make things worse and could prolong flu like symptoms. Drink fluids, rest up, let your fever run its course until Tuesday (hopefully) and then maybe ease into drilling in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday getting as much sleep as you can.
  • Herewego...Herewego... Member
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    I was pretty sick 2 weeks ago and it took away several hours of study time. I started feeling better, however, when I drank immune boosting smoothies, drank loads of ginger tea, and ate very spicy chicken noodle soup.
    I especially recommend this recipe:
    Banana Spice
    (Makes 2 servings)

    2 c spinach
    2 c unsweetened coconut milk
    3 bananas
    1 piece (½-inch) fresh ginger, peeled
    ½ tsp ground cinnamon
    ⅛ tsp ground cardamom

    Feel better! If you take care of yourself now, then you will feel better next week for test day.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    I'm with @"Cant Get Right" on this. I don't think I've been to the doctor since like.... 2011? I don't recommend it.... lol

    Take a break, get some rest, see a doctor if you can. I've found Zicam to work wonders when I've had the flu/cold. The nasal spray version had me feeling better in 2 days flat.
  • CalPoliSciCalPoliSci Member
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    Michael Jordan played an NBA Finals game while having a flu and saved the team.

    His story is pretty inspirational as far as digging deep against flu conditions. You can do it too!
  • desire2learndesire2learn Member
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    Take sick time from work!. Then you can really get rested up.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
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    The beautiful thing about the flu is that if you take good care of yourself, the symptoms tend to subside relatively fast.
    I'm a big fan of hitting the gym and sweating it out. However, if you've never tried this method, don't do it now.
    Your primary focus now should be to get better. Rest, get plenty of fluids (preferably water), and take your vitamins.
    I always tell people to start taking vitamin C prior to the LSAT by 2 months. Doing so may reduce your chances of getting sick.
    Of course, none of what I said is medical advice, nor am I a doctor...but the above advice tends to work for me.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27731 karma

    @CalPoliSci Epic.

    This is your chance to become a legend @abby.lu2017 !
    (But don't. Take care of yourself. You don't have Scottie Pippen to carry you off the court.)
  • abby.lu2017abby.lu2017 Alum Member
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    Thank you, everybody!

    I went home to get some rest after school yesterday and took some night quill. I feel slightly better now. Hopefully it will be gone by Monday!
  • zanqvi861zanqvi861 Alum Member
    73 karma
    Fingers crossed and get lots of fluids!
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