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Ideas about foolproofing LR

SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to get different ideas of how I can possibly go about reviewing LR questions that I have done during a timed test that I was either unsure about or I got wrong. Here are a couple of ideas I have.

1. Re-do a unmarked copy of the stimulus. Mark premise and conclusion. And if possible write down the pre-phrase of the anticipated answer.

2. Write for each answer choice why you think it is wrong/right.

3. Watch JY's video. And compare how he solved it vs. how I solved it.

4. Write down if either system was better or what you learned from the video.

5. Write down how you would do it differently in the future to avoid the same mistake. I think this is key.

Feel free to add recommendations and let me know how all of you guys do it! Or what works and what does not work :DDDD


  • Nanchito-1-1Nanchito-1-1 Yearly Member
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    I do something very similar and I pay extra attention to confidence errors. Just like games, I revisit/redo full sections after some time, just not as often. I've seen an improvement.
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