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7sage course question

jowens7317jowens7317 Alum Member
in General 244 karma
If you purchase a course and want to extend it does it cost the same as the purchasing the original course for the first time or is it a discounted price?


  • jowens7317jowens7317 Alum Member
    244 karma
    Edit: Nevermind guys I looked around the site and found the answer I was looking for! Thanks in advance though.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @jowens7317 The whole purchase then upgrade thing can be a bit tricky. If you intend on doing so, get in touch with @"Dillon A. Wright" so he can help you out.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
    edited November 2019 12637 karma
    As I'm sure you've already figured out, you can upgrade and only pay the difference between the courses. :)

    The only downside to upgrading vs. purchasing outright is the amount of months included in each course. Purchasing Starter, Premium, Ultimate and Ultimate+ normally gives you 3 (Starter), 6 (Premium), 12 (Ultimate) and 18 (Ultimate+) months, but upgrading from a lower course will only give you +1 month per upgrade level.

    So, for example, if you purchase Starter and later upgrade to Ultimate, you'll only get a +2 month extension as opposed to the full +12 months included with Ultimate. You can always extend your access here:

    In this case, let me know once you upgrade and I'll make sure you have the full amount of months included with the course you upgrade to.

    [Admin note: Ultimate+ includes 12 months, and Ultimate includes 9 months now]
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