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Is 30 Logic Games a day until December to much?

LSATtruth.LSATtruth. Alum Member
I'm taking off from working in order to store for the lsat. I am aiming to score a 165, the last time I took a practice test I scored 157. Logic games are my weakest sections and logical reasoning is my strongest section, im averaging 20+ right. On my last logic game test I got only nine correct. I have a learning disability known as "dysgraphia" that results in me making all sorts of typographical errors on the game unless I really really slow down and concentrate. I see myself making all sorts of careless mistakes and am going to have to work much harder than the average person to master logic games. I see myself doing silly stuff like writing a rule that something occurs on "Tuesday" and I misread it as it occurring on thursday, and my ability to use space properly on the games I find challenging. I write big and run out of room. Unfortunately, i doubt i would be accepted for any accomdations because throughout my academic career i've always been able to work through my dysgraphia and excel without much accomdations other than being able to use my labtop to take notes in class. In order to get through this, I planned on doing 30 logic games a day fool proofing previous games. Do you think this is a good method to improve?


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    @ said:
    Is 30 Logic Games a day until December to much?

    If you really want to go LG intensive (and that's a great idea) you want to focus on quality and understanding, not quantity. Quantity will never get you anywhere without quality. When I focused intensely on LG, I maxed out at three sections a day. And I was already consistently scoring in the -4 range with many -0s on fresh sections. Don't set out a number of games you're going to do on a given day. Set out the level to which you're going to master the ones you do that day and then do as many as you get to. (Set that level to 100%, btw.) After mastering a game, revisit it in about a week. If you're not -0 and under time, master it again. In a month, repeat the process. Do this to as many games as you can get to. If that's not every game ever published, that's fine. This process, regardless of how many games you get to, will be the most effective way to maximize your ultimate performance on Game Day.
  • desire2learndesire2learn Member
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    Just to clarify, CGR is saying 3 sections (which would be 12 games). I would agree that this is close to the optimal number if you are mixing in good BR, good CC review, Video Explanations, etc. But I agree that the absolute number is not the key, mastery is. However, don't expect instant mastery. Understand thoroughly each game as you go and mastery will come with time and repetition.
  • LSATtruth.LSATtruth. Alum Member
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    Great. Thanks for the feedback. I'll aim for 12 games per day.
  • always learningalways learning Free Trial Member
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    @hakeemmuhammad498 I have found that doing the same game over and over again is much more helpful than doing many games just once or twice on isolated days
  • ChiTownGuyChiTownGuy Alum Member
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    You should def apply for accommodations, whether you think it would be accepted or not. That is a designated disability, and you just need to explain to your doc how it affects your test taking ability and have him write you a note. Your chances are probably around 99% that it will be granted.
  • tanes256tanes256 Alum Member
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    @hakeemmuhammad498 its interesting to hear (well read I guess) about the "Tuesday" and "Thursday" example you gave. I've had issues similar to this. I'll read "S" but write something totally different like "M" or the word could be "approach" and I'll read "apprehension" or "applicable" or something totally unrelated. I posted something on it awhile back. I've never heard anyone else mention anything more similar than your example. Sorry, I know this doesn't pertain to your question but that little tidbit was quite interesting to me.
  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
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    I don't think I've ever done more than ~15 games in a day. I like to try to do them all at once and usually I get brain dead and have to stop between 12-15 games. If I get anything wrong I'll go back and repeat the whole game, not just the question I missed. Sometimes even with games that I get just -1 on from a silly mistake, when I redo the whole thing I'll get even more qs wrong and I'll realize I didn't fully understand the game. I make sure to take note of that and save it for another day to do it again until I consistently get -0 on it.

    I also have that issue with reading a word and somehow writing down something different, doing logic games makes me wonder if I'm dyslexic o.O. There also have been times where halfway thru the game I'll accidentally have added an extra player. like if it's P Q R S U Y, I might add in an X by accident on one question and for everything after I'll start playing the game as if there's this extra X game piece without any rules attached to it. Or when they describe the characters as Doctors in the stimulus I might accidentally add in a D. I think it's mostly just nerves distracting us.
  • fiji12345678fiji12345678 Member
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    LG used to be my weakest section. I repeated PT1-30 games about 10 times. I usually did PT1-10 (10 sections, 40 games) a day on weekends. And at least 5 sections (20 games) a day during the week (I was working full-time). I spent months just doing the same games from PT1-30 over and over AND analyzing afterwards. Asking myself why was the question about "H" vs other variables. Why is this question a must be true not a could be true.

    It was very time consuming and, I could not even look at games for awhile, but now LG is my strongest section. You don't have to do 30 games per day, but I think repetition is a key for improving LG. Use the earlier PTs to solidify your basic understanding of how LG works. Doing it over and over and over again until i felt like..awww..this is how it works... really worked for me. I hope this is helpful. =)
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