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[Test Center Review] Western Washington University

merileeemerileee Member
edited September 2016 in Test Center Reviews 39 karma
Here's my review for Western Washington University. I actually live in BC but this test centre is the closest to my house and it's really good (based on my limited experience) and I'm not really sure I want the word to get out before the next time I have to write haha.

Proctors: There were two women, super friendly and the one at the front was really encouraging, kept telling us how well prepared she thought we looked during the break and after the test was over. They also let us keep water on the desk and reminded people that knuckle cracking was distracting in between sections. Proctors were quiet and I never heard them chatting or saw them moving. One stayed up at the back and the other sat at the front.

Facilities: Restrooms were down the hall, 1 minute walk for slowpokes, 25 seconds for everyone else. I don't know what they looked like because I don't use public washrooms....assuming they were standard, had toilets and sinks...

What kind of room: Small lecture hall (aka higher at the back, lower at the front) with long tables for desks and chairs that were attached by a swivel. Chairs kind of sucked but what can you really expect at a school?

How many in the room: 13 (15 were scheduled but 2 were no-shows). They mentioned to us before the test that they decided to split us into 3 separate groups based on last names so I'm assuming every room had about the same. Plenty of room to stretch out and line up all 15 of your backup pencils. The room was far from being full and I there there was a 3 seat gap in between each person.

Desks: Long tables attached to the floor so no movement. No wiggling.

Left-handed accommodation: No one was left handed in my room but since there were so few of us I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to move if you needed to.

Noise levels: Super quiet. Literally heard nothing the entire time I was writing. They also had signs posted on the room doors as well as the building entrance/exit doors asking for quiet as testing was in progress.

Parking: Pay parking from a meter. Not difficult to figure out. Walked probably 10 feet from my car to the building. When I did a trial drive earlier in the summer they had a visitor centre that was opened where they told me they would issue visitor parking passes for free but unfortunately the centre was closed last Saturday.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: They were really efficient in getting us all lined up and in the correct rooms. We started the first section at 9:05 but only because one test taker was either super nervous and didn't understand how to complete any of his bubble sheet or didn't pay attention to the instructions and just sat there silently not asking questions. A few people also didn't pay attention when they told us to insert the writing sample form into the last page of the test booklet.

Irregularities or mishaps: One test taker was clearly bubbling in answers after the 5th section ended. The proctor at the rear immediately came down and told him he wasn't permitted to be doing that. The front proctor confirmed but still let him continue after he told them he only bubbled in one hole. I (and probably everybody else except the proctor at the front who was almost right in front of him) saw him the entire time as he as the only person noticeably moving after time had been called. He must have bubbled in at least 10 by the time she told him to stop. He claimed he didn't know he wasn't permitted but we got constant reminders about it so I doubt it.

Other comments: I think that this test centre is underused since it's in such a random middle of nowhere location and I didn't see any other reviews on it prior to writing. The proctor also asked us if we wanted a 10 or 15 minute break before the break started. I wanted 10 but no one else did or maybe a bunch of us did but didn't put our hands up...lemmings.

Would you take the test here again? 100% (sadly that will soon be a reality come grey day...)

Date[s] of Exam[s]: Sep 24, 2016
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