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5-6 min left after each LG section but consistently getting 3-4 wrong

lsnnnnn0011lsnnnnn0011 Alum Member
in General 227 karma
Hi all,

The logic game section has been the hardest section for me. As soon as I realized LG kept me from reaching 170+, I have been drilling TONs of games for the past several months. I've done drilling every single game from 1-40 for 6 times + almost all sections in 40s, all sections in 50s, and some sections in 60s (I guess that's about 1500 games). I also analyzed my mistakes by creating review notes.

So now I can finish any game and usually have 5-6minutes left after filling in the bubbles. But the problem is I constantly miss 3-4 questions... The worst part is that the questions that I miss are those that I answered with great confidence. I've thought about redoing questions after finishing the section but I think it's a very risky strategy since I can't expect I would have 5-6minutes left on the test day. Also, because I am certain that I have answered all questions correctly, I don't even know which questions I want to re-do and check my work...I have only one month left till the test day and it's really frustrating...

Does anyone have advice...?

Thanks so much!!!


  • LsatbreakingnewsLsatbreakingnews Alum Member
    392 karma
    Maybe slow down and actually manually check answer choices on some questions?
  • speedwagonspeedwagon Alum Member
    393 karma
    Are you missing across all games, only the last game you do, something else?

    Are you missing a certain type of question? Always the last qs? Do you ever miss first qs? Are you misreading qs or misanswering them (ie, do you misunderstand the q/misread the answer choice you select or are you just wrong?)

    The answer will ultimately be slow down, at least for a while, but the other variables answer what then.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27869 karma
    Good questions @speedwagon . That's how you ID what's gone wrong!
  • lsnnnnn0011lsnnnnn0011 Alum Member
    227 karma
    @Euthyphro @speedwagon Thanks so much guys!!!!
  • always learningalways learning Free Trial Member
    99 karma
    @dannyy121 you're probably making careless mistakes e.g. not following the answer that you choose all the way through
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