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LSAT PT Question

chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
edited July 2014 in General 827 karma
Why do the February LSAT's not become available as PT's?


  • lsattutorinlalsattutorinla Free Trial Member
    33 karma

    "'LSAC's Director of Communications, Wendy Margolis, explained via email:

    The reason the February LSAT is nondisclosed is because it is important for LSAC to have some nondisclosed test forms and questions available in reserve for emergencies and special uses. The nondisclosed February test forms play this role. This has been LSAC practice since 1996...'

    Basically, LSAC needs to have unreleased exams on file in case of inclement weather, and perhaps for use in overseas administrations (those outside the Americas) and Sabbath observers' administrations."

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