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Please help RC is not improving

Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
in General 139 karma
Guys honestly I'm doing pretty well in LR-3-5 and -2LG thanks J.Y....but I just can't get my RC Down to at least -7 or even -8 ... I've tried speed reading doesn't work I've tried notes doesn't work.... I realize it's like a super slow developing skill active reading that is but any concrete tips would really help I'm going to experiment this week before the test... please any thing solid would be appreciated!


  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
    edited November 2016 556 karma
    Maybe take a few and do a full analysis with notes before you hit the questions. What's the purpose? What's the layout? What does each paragraph do? What's the main point and supporting argument? What's the concrete detail? What does the word choice say about the author's attitudes? What conclusions can the reader make?

    I think if you get in the weeds with the full literary analysis of several passages, you'll get better at seeing things automatically, particularly those evaluative undertones that are easy to miss when you're in a rush.

    This isn't 7sage gospel, just the questionable advice of an Internet rando.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    I recommend employing and practicing the memory method. That has worked tremendously for me. I really think memory is such an integral part of the RC section.

    Practice by redoing passages and spend a lot of time reviewing them. I'd often spend 45 minutes reviewing a single passage.
  • Giant PandaGiant Panda Alum Member
    274 karma
    I wrote an RC guide a few days ago. Do check it out.

    First thing first, are you reading the right way? Are you reading in the habit of reading for "what" or reading for "why"?

    The thing is: focus on the structure and you have to concentrate and make it fun.

    So structure, structure, structure. Of course, often times, you will get a very difficult sentence or paragraph and sometimes they hit you in the face with it by putting it at the beginning where after the first read, you just go, "what did I read?"

    Under such circumstance, you have to pay more detail on the structure.

    All in all, remember: LSAT isn't interesting in testing you how much info you can recall on astro physics or some African art, but can you recognize the passage structure and how the author is articulating his point.
  • Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
    139 karma
    Thank you everyone I'm looking at all your advice truly appreciate it !!!
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