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Guys I Hardly Slept Night before :(

Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
in General 139 karma
This is my second sitting for the LSAT.... i have been killing myself for 5-6 months now averaging -3 on LG -5 to -4 on LR and well RC -9 -13 ... I wasn't prepared my first time around completely underestimated the test...but i couldn't sleep the night before.. and scored very bad.... second time coming now and again i couldn't sleep last night tossing turning from 10 to 3 am then maybe got 2 hours of shut eye ... and went to the test like i was so disoriented and sleep deprived that i could hardly figure the word adjacent on the second LG .... I'm in a nightmare ... this is not what was supposed to happen ...


  • Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
    139 karma
    additionally todays RC felt much easier even in my sleep deprived mode than any i have ever taken !!!
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    If you're considering retaking, try to change things up a bit. Standardized tests are the bane of my existence. I can graduate amongst the top of my class, but throw a standardized test in front of me and I'll run for the hills. That said, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep the night before the test.
    So, I did something stupid (I've done this in the past, so I know it works for me). I went to bed around 2 a.m. (Thursday night/Friday morning), and woke up at 6 a.m. (Friday morning). As you can imagine, I knocked out last night...
    Figure out what it is that causing you to toss and turn, and see if you can fix it. Have you considered speaking with a doctor? I have a friend who could barely get 2 hours of sleep the night before an exam. Turns out she was having panic attacks. Her doctor prescribed her something for her anxiety. Evidently, it helped.
  • Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
    139 karma
    @MrSamIam i dont if i should retake I've seen my score from the first time i will have to look at this one for reference or for applying if i get a bit lucky ... cause my first one was February and you don't get a disclosed test to review... But i just might have to talk to someone and ya that method i know pretty well lol i used to use that to fix my sleeping schedules when i was up till 4 am back in the day.... but ya idk I'm in such a shitty spot i have no idea what the result is like ... but i don't even know if i want to retake in feburary either...
  • Stevie CStevie C Alum Member
    645 karma
    I also only a slept 3-4 hours but I still felt OK for the test. I had been sleeping well in the days leading up. If I take again, I will use a sleep aid.
  • Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
    139 karma
    @"Stevie C" it was awful man I had only 2 hour prolly .... eyes were blurring up and yes I'm definitely not going to risk anything next time if there is a next time will be using an aid
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27598 karma
    This is actually not uncommon. For your retake, firmly establish a sleep cycle weeks if not months ahead of test day. I mapped out exactly how I wanted my test morning to go and I lived it every day for months. In bed at 10, up at 5:30, and from there, my whole morning routine strictly established and followed. By the time test day rolled around I was so firmly set into this rhythm, I don't think I could have broken it if I'd tried. And definitely have a sleep aid handy in case you need it. But experiment with it first. Know exactly what you need to take, what time you need to take it, and how much you need to take to ensure that it will have worn off by morning. I tried several things and many of them left me groggy in the morning. Don't want that for sure! Hopefully all of this is moot though. Things very possibly went well regardless, and you won't need a retake anyway!
  • Stevie CStevie C Alum Member
    645 karma
    @"Cant Get Right" said:
    And definitely have a sleep aid handy in case you need it. But experiment with it first.
    Lesson learned: experiment more with drugs :) :)

  • SamiSami Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    edited December 2016 10731 karma
    @"Stevie C" said:
    Lesson learned: experiment more with drugs :) :)

    Haha I told my parents I might experiment with Night quill for the test and they freaked out. Thought the stress of LSAT was about to make their only daughter a drug addict :D

    They were like, how about calming tea? lol
    The look on their faces when I told them I might need something stronger was priceless.
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