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Making Jump to High 170s

msk12345msk12345 Alum Member
in General 247 karma

Hi all,

I’ve been stuck in the high 160s/low 170s for a while now; my average for the last 10 PTs I’ve taken is a 171. I’m typically -0 or -1 on logic games, -2 to -4 on LR and RC.

Does anyone have any advice for how to make that jump to getting those last few questions right?


  • acsimonacsimon Alum Member
    1269 karma

    What’s your timing looking like?

  • msk12345msk12345 Alum Member
    247 karma

    I normally finish LG with about a minute to spare. For LR, I am trying to do the first 15 in 15 minutes, 20 in 22.5 minutes, and 25 in 30 minutes then return to any skipped questions in last 5 minutes. RC I don’t really have a timing strategy but I generally finish with a minute or two to spare.

  • NotMyNameNotMyName Alum Member Sage
    5320 karma

    Have you filmed yourself on RC/LR? The 2-3 questions you seek are the trickiest to snag and video can help illuminate opportunities to snag them.

  • acsimonacsimon Alum Member
    edited October 2018 1269 karma

    In that case I would try to shave off a decent chunk on average (say, a min and a half) and get really technical about your skipping strategy (if you aren’t alread). I’d do a lot of times drill-work (if different lengths) to at least try to get faster while keeping up your accuracy. If your BR is really high at this point, you have a good idea as to what questions bother you and can use that extra time to redue them with some care. The hope is that this reduces the amount you get wrong by at least three over the whole of the test. And obviously three questions is huge within the top score band. Good luck!

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    Perhaps something in this video will help??

  • msk12345msk12345 Alum Member
    247 karma

    This is all great information and a lot of help! Thanks, everyone!

  • BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
    1694 karma

    Record yourself, and use the analytics to recognize your weaknesses in question types, and behavior and timing. Use intensive sessions to focus on question types, and takes notes on bad behavioral and timing habits to try to fix those problems. Pay close attention to JY's train of thought in his videos. Feel the JY; Anticipate the JY; Become the JY.

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