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List of Numbers and Percentages LR Questions

lenelson2lenelson2 Member
edited February 2017 in Study Guides/Cheat Sheets 523 karma

Below is a list of LR questions that contain numbers and/or percentages. I'm working through these and I thought I would share. Hopefully this is helpful!

PT7, S1, Q11
PT9, S4, Q13
PT11, S2, Q12
PT12, S1, Q8
PT12, S1, Q14
PT12, S1, Q19
PT13, S2, Q18
PT14, S2, Q25
PT14, S4, Q18
PT16, S2, Q9
PT16, S2, Q14
PT16, S2, Q20
PT17, S3, Q24
PT18, S4, Q7
PT19, S4, Q11
PT20, S1, Q24
PT20, S4, Q5
PT20, S4, Q7
PT21, S3, Q3
PT22, S2, Q23
PT22, S4, Q12
PT23, S3, Q16
PT26, S2, Q5
PT26, S3, Q19
PT26, S3, Q24
PT27, S1, Q9
PT27, S1, Q23
PT27, S4, Q6
PT27, S4, Q14
PT28, S3, Q11
PT9, S2, Q17
PT9, S2, Q7
PT29, S1, Q20
PT30, S2, Q4
PT30, S2, Q17
PT31, S2, Q15
PT35, S4, Q4


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