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Thanks 7sage!

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Hey everyone,

It's finally setting in that I am not dreaming and did get a score I'm satisfied with. I'd like to begin by thanking the people who had a HUGE impact on my studies, whether it was emotional support or helping with the fundamentals. @"paulmv.benthem" @btownsquee @BinghamtonDave @akistotle @"Cant Get Right" @NotMyName @AshleighK @"Leah M B" @twssmith @Bamboosprout [everyone in the September and November study groups] and however the heck the heck you tag Mr. Yoda himself, JY.

I know people generally want details during these posts, so here's the general gist of it:

I started with a diagnostic in the 140s and tried the trainer and power score. After a slight jump into the low mid 150s, I decided to give the guy with the helpful LG videos a try. I was stuck between choosing 7sage and another prep course but what sealed the deal for me was how 7sage highlights those who make a jump of more than 10 points from their diagnostic (given enough time and effort). Whereas, I've seen other courses discuss that an increase of 10 points or more is not too likely as if this test is an indication of your real potential - it's not.

I'll keep this as short as I can but the things that helped me the most were: one, taking a long time with the core curriculum. I know there's this sense that it should take three months to go through CC, but honestly, I think I spent upwards of 3 months on just LR alone because that was always my biggest struggle. Your timeline is your own; there's no need to feel ashamed about how long it takes you to climb up the mountain. Don't compare with others because all you see are the positives and not the negatives. I BR-ed each LR question while going through the curriculum, started foolproofing the games in the curriculum. I started this close to testing day, but I think going back to PT1 and doing RC untimed was a huge help. That's something I wish I would've done earlier.

Second, use this community. Nothing solidifies your understanding of concepts like being able to explain to others! Not just helping them by answering, but if your reasoning can help others the next time they come across that concept, it'll enrich your (and their) understanding of the material. Asking for help is also super important. I think many people feel ashamed that they are not able to figure these things out themselves, but honestly, the majority of the community here has been helped by at least one person. There's no real sense of competitiveness, just genuine happiness for others. The best way to learn to accomplish these things is by joining a study group or tutoring. Third, don't try to force yourself to stick to a timeline but accomplish what you can. I've always lived in some fantasy world where I think I can productively achieve a million things every day instead of the two or three I can. It's okay to feel like you're falling behind, but try to give yourself breaks. I was awful at this and had to be forced to take breaks by people. Feeling guilty over not studying won't help you accomplish anything, especially with your progress. If I had been better at taking breaks, my journey probably would've ended with the September LSAT.

Fourth, and finally, don't take the test officially until you are ready. I took it twice when I was ready, and the first time, in November, I underperformed 7 points below my average. Exhaustion and test day nerves were a part of it, and it sucks having that number be recorded. Never-mind I lied, this is the last bit: record your PT's and timed takes. Watch the footage and record the data on a spreadsheet. It's painful and mind-numbing, and it forces you to confront all your bad habits. Make detailed notes, so you never have to watch that footage again! Analyzing my mistakes and actively keeping track of what not to do during timed conditions helped me jump from high 150s to 160s.

I am not going to be taking again,

But I will still be around to help others out :)

You can message me for more specifics.


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