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International March 31st(Sunday) Lsat

HalloallesHalloalles Alum Member
edited March 2019 in March 2019 LSAT 46 karma

Hello evereyone!

I just took the International LSAT and was wondering if anyone who has taken it wanted to sahre some info.

I took it Seoul on the 31st.


I dont recall so well what passages were in the first RC but its compartive passages were about democracy and one of the passages had South Korea and Chile as example countries...

The other one had passages like...
dogs and human cues...(edited)
Native American Indian art and the artist Howe
a book about Notorious Woman( legal cases concerning a woman who found out her biological father rich and claimed her right for the inheritance)
compartive passages about monopoly and European Union competition law....

Nothing particular comes to my mind with regard to LRs...

For LG,
one of the games was about a concert with the piano and violin as one of instruments 6people had to play
The other one I remember is about accountants(?) who come to work to print or to verify....

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which RC was the dummy...



  • blackberryblackberry Alum Member
    edited March 2019 218 karma

    My RC had the Indian American artist, so guessing your first one was the experimental.

    Wondering which one of my LR was the experimental...

  • miranda808miranda808 Member
    edited March 2019 17 karma

    Hi! I took the test in Tokyo this morning. I had the RC section with the passages on non-human primates/dogs/wolves responding to human cues, Native American art, “Notorious Woman,” and monopolies. It was my only RC section (I had three LR sections), so it’s the real one.

  • HalloallesHalloalles Alum Member
    edited March 2019 46 karma

    One of the LRs had a stimulus about English, Biology, World History and Algebra class.
    The other one had a stimulus about sugar, butter and baking. I am not sure whether they were ine the same section or in th other.

  • shrutisrivshrutisriv Alum Member
    47 karma

    Hey! I had the same RC (with the dogs/wolves , Indian American music, etc) .. had three LRs though so wondering which was the experimental. Can anyone try and remember more questions from the LRs? I know it's really difficult to try and remember LRs!
    Also, do they ever make the 1st and the very last sections as experimental? Or is there no such rule. I took the LSAT today in India

  • shrutisrivshrutisriv Alum Member
    47 karma

    @Halloalles I think I had the sugar butter baking one in the my last LR. Do you remember any other questions from the 1st LR you mentioned (in which the stimulus discussed English, History, Biology, etc) ?

  • HalloallesHalloalles Alum Member
    46 karma


    Everything is so vague. Do you remember anything? If so, perhaps I could confirm?

  • shrutisrivshrutisriv Alum Member
    47 karma

    @Halloalles yeah that's the problem, even I've forgotten (and it's been too many days since the test now anyway).. I was on a bit of an LSAT break- sorry for the late reply! I guess lets hope it went well for us all the best of luck for the score now!

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