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When to take a week off?

LanecahaLanecaha Alum Member
in July 2019 LSAT 27 karma

Hi All, I'm planning to take the July LSAT (haven't registered yet) and I'm looking for advice in terms of making the most of the time I have left. I've been studying (somewhat casually) since December and really buckled down about two weeks ago. I work full time and I am planning to take five days off to focus on PTs and review before July 15, but not sure if the week before I write the exam would be the best choice. Should I take the week of July 1 off? A week in June? Split it up to 3 days in June, 2 in July?

I've done a few PTs and will be done with the core curriculum in about a week. My plan is to see how I do in July and then take it again in October (since we can cancel and retake for free with July). Thanks for any advice!


  • jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
    edited May 2019 249 karma

    I recommend taking a week off before the July exam! So like July 8 until the exam.

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    I wouldn't spend the week before the test hardcore studying. That's when you need to rest and keep fresh, but you won't be making actual progress. At that point, most of your studying and work should already be done. I think that splitting up the week sounds like a good idea!

  • CircleTurkCircleTurk Alum Member
    edited May 2019 148 karma

    @Lanecaha I don't have an answer for you but I just wanna share I'm in the same boat in terms of studying. I also work full time and started studying in December as much as I could (but not as much as I wanted) I just finished the CC and am trying to balance the alarmingly small amount of time I have left before the July test. I'm wondering what your plan is?

    I'm realizing that I should probably plan to take the September or October test as well....

    feel free to PM!

  • fycw2068fycw2068 Alum Member
    404 karma

    I think it largely depends on where you are in the CC and how far you are from your target score. If you're far along in CC then, I'm not sure if this is an option, but would you be able to take 1 day off a week for 5 weeks? Since the nature of LSAT is skill based and not knowledge base, taking an entire week off for concentrated PTs and reviewing might not be particularly productive. But if you aren't very far along in the CC, then I would definitely recommend taking a week off ASAP and really go through the CC.

  • LanecahaLanecaha Alum Member
    27 karma

    Thanks everyone - helpful insights.
    @fycw2068 that's a good idea that I hadn't considered. Definitely worth thinking about.

    @CircleTurk My plan is to do about 2 PTs a week (on the weekends) and really focus on BR in between, then seeing how I'm progressing I'll try and drill the question types that seem to be tripping me up, doing as many of the most difficult. My plan is to look at October as the real deal depending on my score. By the time we get July scores it will be too late to register for September. Happy to talk more strategy with you separately...

    @MissChanandler that's my sense as well - I have tentatively blocked 3 days and then 2 days in the two weeks prior, but I might split that up further based on @fycw2068 's advice.

    Just curious - are any of you planning to apply to schools in October? I'm struggling to start writing my essay while I'm so focused on studying...

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    I understand how you feel- I'm studying for a July retake and planning on applying as early as possible. I've started on my essays, but it's definitely hard to decide which part of the overall application to focus on sometime. I've found that a good way to approach it is to spend some time on my essays when I feel tired of the LSAT and vice versa

  • fycw2068fycw2068 Alum Member
    404 karma

    I'm planning on applying to school this fall... it's definitely not easy trying to balance the two and living the rest of my life. Have you had a chance to watch some of the admissions videos? I found those to be really helpful in getting me started especially with brainstorming topics.

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