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Conundrum After Score Release

trilogy83trilogy83 Free Trial Member

So I took the LSAT for the first time this June, and after getting my score back I'm sitting on my hands wondering how I should proceed. I got a 170, which I know is a good score, but I feel kind of frustrated upon seeing the disclosures on my mistakes. I didn't enroll in the July test, so I would have to sit for it in September (prepping for another 3 months is...not ideal). I'm not sure whether it's worth trying again or if I should sit tight with this score.


  • MIT_2017MIT_2017 Alum Member
    470 karma

    Hard to tell - where does your 170 stand relative to your PT average over the last 6 or so PTs? If that average was only, say, a 171, then I’m not sure you should be confident that taking again will make things much better. But if your average was substantially higher, then maybe you should.

    All that being said, congrats on the 170. That’s certainly an achievement.

  • jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
    edited June 2019 249 karma

    A score of 170 is phenomenal! Good job. However, I think the answer to whether you should retake in September depends on a few factors. As above mentioned; what were you averaging on timed prep tests? Is the score you received competitive to get you into your target school? Also I don’t know how long you’ve been studying for this exam but, do you think it is worth it to retake, do you believe you can score higher or is it possible you will be burnt out by then and wouldn’t perform optimally? You need to take all of this into account before making a decision. Regardless, I think you have an amazing score.

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