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Sepetmber or October LSAT Test?

wenzhengwenzheng Member
in General 24 karma

Hi everyone,

The July test is my first LSAT test. I’m debating over whether I should registered the September test or should I waited to just take the October test with a canceled score for my July test ( I don’t think I will be happy with my July score and more than likely I need to retake anyways). Giving the consideration that the September test is less 10 weeks from now, would it be a wiser choice for me to just wait for the release of July score, then canceled. Or is it better for me to go head and take the September test and hoping I don’t need to take the October test?

I’m currently scoring between 155 to 160 range and is hoping to apply for this coming application season.
Thanks for all your help!


  • Woodsy_567Woodsy_567 Member
    257 karma

    I'm in the same boat. I registered for the September LSAT and plan to cancel my July score if it's not in the 160s & register for October as well. I plan to retake both September and October or just one; it really depends where my diag score is by then, which I won't know until September.

  • hurdlehopper101hurdlehopper101 Alum Member
    102 karma

    Same boat. Planning on September right now. I am applying this cycle and will keep July and September scores if I like them or just one and focus on September exam.

  • kaikdamekaikdame Core Member
    77 karma

    I'm right there with you. I'm planning on taking the September test, mainly because I don't want to keep studying through October (with starting to work full time) and want to focus on applications. I think most important thing is to figure out whether or not you can get the score you want within these next few weeks. You're going to have to pay for September, but if you cancel July then October will be free. I'd take the September test regardless...Just think of it as another opportunity to improve. October isn't too late and it could potentially be free.

  • wenzhengwenzheng Member
    24 karma

    Thanks guys! I think, I'm going to take the September test. I just found out the testing location of the October is extremely limited!

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