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haddlepaddlehaddlepaddle Member
edited August 2019 in September 2019 LSAT 22 karma

I'm only 40% of the starter curriculum and the test is now in a month! I know I can't get through 100% of the curriculum simply because I don't have enough time in the day to dedicate to studying since I have other responsibilities. Anyone else feel nervous? (Also first time taker here)


  • axjxmarvelaxjxmarvel Alum Member
    158 karma

    I've been there; would you feel less nervous if you wrote in November instead? Are you looking to apply this cycle?

  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    It really might be better to postpone, if you can. The prevailing wisdom is not to take the test until you feel ready, and since LSAC has re-instituted limits on the number of takes, you don't want to burn a take for nothing. And by "ready" I mean that your score average over your 10-ish most recent PTs is a little above your goal score (assuming strict reproduction of test conditions during practice, and tests in the 70's and above for the most accurate gauge of performance on actual test day). I don't feel like you'll be setting yourself up for success to take an official LSAT without having gotten through the whole curriculum with understanding, and having taken/thoroughly blind reviewed over 10 recent PTs. I don't know you personally, obviously, and others may have different advice, so do with this what you think is best. Good luck whichever way you choose!

  • RealLaw612RealLaw612 Member
    1094 karma

    Take it only if you’re currently consistently PTing at or above your target score. I took June and cancelled because I knew I was too nervous to have performed to my expectations. I’m now getting ready for September and am scoring nearly where I want to be and feeling much more prepared. If you’re not confident it could seriously hurt your performance on test day.

  • Zoo Wee MamaZoo Wee Mama Member
    7 karma

    I'm in your exact same boat. When I started my LSAT journey, my goal score was a 170, but realistically I just don't have the time to put in 30+ hours a week like many other people. Personally, I know I'm not going to be any less busy when November rolls around. I'm also not willing to wait until next cycle. I am PTing high enough to get into decent schools (160-163 range). I guess it just depends on what your goals are and what your capabilities are.

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