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LSAT Waitlist

sumz1117sumz1117 Alum Member
edited August 2019 in General 30 karma

Hi All,

I was just waitlisted for the DC area October 2019 LSAT. Does anyone have any experience with waitlists and when they are likely to inform you of your test center location? The standard email says that they will notify you at least a week before but I've read elsewhere that they can put you anywhere in a 100 mile radius. For someone who is already prone to anxiety, this makes me slightly nervous. I'm sure all areas and dates are different but does anyone know typically how soon after being on the waitlist you are to be notified?

Thank you!!


  • PeaceofmindPeaceofmind Alum Member
    446 karma

    I’m wondering the same thing

  • I’m in the same boat. I am debating about switching to November.

  • Shana6886-1-1-1Shana6886-1-1-1 Core Member
    44 karma

    same situation. just called. they strongly advised me to take the test on another test day. i won't be guaranteed to be placed at a test center.

  • 246 karma

    I am also in the same boat. I am currently waitlisted for the Nov. It is super nice that they're offering more administrations of the exam, but there isn't one in my state until Feb, if I do not get in off a waitlist.

  • CharlieHuCharlieHu Alum Member
    129 karma

    I want to cite the great @"David.Busis" here, he has some pretty good insights about how to be staunch.

    I think you should re-adjust your mentality. Not knowing the exact test location should not affect what you are doing to prepare for the test. You PT, you BR and you improve. If you were thinking about taking the test in October, no need to postpone to November just because the test location is unknown. The only reason to postpone is if you feel like you are not ready yet.

    My advice, if it's 100 miles far, go get a hotel room around the test center the night before. It would be a 2-hour drive maximum, so no need to worry too much.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    edited August 2019 2689 karma

    I have had to drive 4-6 hours just to do the LSAT in my own state. Legit advice from @CharlieHu there. Make a trip of it, and try to have some fun.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by July's testing set up, which was sort of an unknown for me. Turned out to be better than the one I was familiar with! Much better chairs, spacing,and much quieter, even though I was sitting by a door.

  • a1ex_682a1ex_682 Alum Member
    307 karma

    I’m in the same boat for the October test in Gainesville, FL. This seems outrageous that so many people are getting waitlisted even in November! I’m wondering if they’re making the testing capacity smaller to accommodate the amount of tablets they purchased.

  • Eye_on_the_PiesEye_on_the_Pies Alum Member
    13 karma

    I was waitlisted for October in New Jersey. I was starting to get worried that I wasn't going to be able to sit for October, but I just received an email that I've been assigned to Philly, which is only a little over an hour, so not bad. I'm sure you'll hear something soon. There are probably a good number of people on the waitlist in the DC area, so it seems like LSAC is scrambling to add locations.

  • sumz1117sumz1117 Alum Member
    30 karma

    So I actually decided to take one in PA near where my sister lives and make it a mini getaway from the city. But glad you were off the waitlist!

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