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Is it normal to score higher in recent LR sections than earlier ones?

DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member

Im super confused as to why I score 1-3 on more recent LRs from PrepTests (60ish+) as compared to earlier ones (25ish and below). I also find the LR questions from earlier LSATS much harder than the later ones. Can someone tell me if this is normal?


  • zacharytsmith26-1zacharytsmith26-1 Alum Member
    849 karma

    I think it depends on the person. I find, in general, there are less confusing stimuli on newer tests but the newer tests also have more traps. As far as I can tell, that is the trade off.

  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    550 karma

    @zacharytsmith26 I agree, the stimulus in the earlier tests are way more difficult to parse out in my opinion as well.

  • christinagomez7738christinagomez7738 Alum Member
    120 karma

    I agree, I feel like earlier LSATS were way more difficult and convoluted (LR and the games). When I do PTs from the 90's or early 2000's I get a completely different challenge compared to the newer ones which I find to be more straightforward, I thought I was the one of the only people who noticed that haha. Older practice tests are really good for practice though.

  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    550 karma

    @christinagomez7738 The logic games I can manage on the earlier tests but the LR on those is something that feels foreign to me compared to the newer ones. Thank god i'm not the only one I was starting to doubt my abilities lol. I do agree that the newer ones are way more straight forward and the earlier ones are 1000% different challenges. :smiley:

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