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October Test

itskidactiveitskidactive Alum Member
in General 93 karma

Hey guys,

So my timed PT's are around 152-155 and I'm BR'ing around 160-161. Currently scheduled for the October test but having second thoughts on it since my goal score is a 160. I'm thinking of going ahead with the October test and probably take it again January 2020. Thoughts?

Thank you


  • jessicacejessicace Alum Member
    90 karma

    I would take it January instead of October if those are your options. if there’s one thing I regret it’s taking the lsat before I was averaging the score I wanted. There’s also test day factors like anxiety or construction outside your building that sometimes results in scoring below your testing average. I would wait if it were me.

  • tiffanydwhite1tiffanydwhite1 Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    I would definitely delay. Since it’s less than a month until the test, and assuming your current PTs don’t have a significant jump you would be best off when you are averaging your goal score of 160. I took two tests too early hoping for my high scores or my BRs without fully committing to have a full process down and my goal as my average. I don’t know if you’ve taken a test before, but test jitters get to you more than you think.

  • jakejohns777jakejohns777 Member
    52 karma

    Is November an option? You could take November and January

  • felizsusannafelizsusanna Free Trial Member
    17 karma

    Literally in the exact same position. I'm probably going to the take the October and if the score I need isn't in range then I'm applying next cycle and taking a summer test.

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