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Will Nov LSAT scores be released before Christmas?

motximotximotximotxi Alum Member
edited November 2019 in November 2019 LSAT 88 karma

I had assumed they would but now I am not all that certain. I was registered (and unprepared for Oct) so I cancelled, but I was also hoping to apply before Jan 1st for a number of scholarships and now I feel like I might have made a terrible mistake!

Edit: I just realised that LSAC is only closed on Dec 25th, maybe 26th, and Jan 1st. I thought they'd be out from the 21st to the 1st or something. If anyone knows any better I'd be happy to hear it thanks!
Any guesses?


  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    Per LSAC's website, scores will be released via email on December 19th.

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