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Looking for an online study/BR partner (Asia time zone; writing March)

edited January 2020 in Study Groups 414 karma

Hello there!

I am looking for an online study/BR partner who is willing to go through a similar pacing of taking the PTs and to BR together.

Here’s a little bit about me:
- Finished the CC
- Read the Loophole
- Currently at late 40s (although I did go through about 10-15 of the more recent ones scattered here and there)
- Currently taking 1 PT per week
- Scoring around mid-high160
- Writing the March exam
- Living in South Korea

What I’m looking for in my study partner:
- Finished the CC (preferably who read the Loophole as well!)
- Taking a similar range/amount of PTs per week
- Living in a similar time zone, or willing to work around the time difference for 1-2 BR calls per week
- Hoping to focus mostly on LR and RC

If you are interested, please comment below or PM me. Thanks!


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