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7sage website and app keep messing up

tsengel_2018tsengel_2018 Alum Member
edited March 2020 in Technical Problems 144 karma

Hi, I just wanted to post about the problem I am facing with the site and the app, which keep showing me a blank screen with a message "the requested URL was not found on this server." Please help. It keeps happening especially when I go to my study schedule.


  • nije472lsnije472ls Alum Member
    30 karma

    I am also experiencing the same problem, "the requested URL was not found on this server."

  • Kris4444Kris4444 Member
    266 karma

    Yeah I'm having the same issue. Is it because of the changes that will be happening soon?

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    I was actually just about to report the same problem. After refreshing the page 2-3 times it seems to calm down until trying to access a different page on the website?

  • jasonli2013jasonli2013 Alum Member
    3 karma

    I thought it was my internet problem...

  • shannon_beaman1shannon_beaman1 Alum Member
    157 karma

    Has anyone responded as to why this is happening? Oddly enough, I was super excited to get to studying tonight and sure enough....

  • chaizihan123chaizihan123 Core Member
    4 karma

    Can't open any digital preptest. Anyone else experiencing the same thing??

  • rmojtehermojtehe Member
    7 karma

    Same issue happening with me on different browsers.

  • Pi031415Pi031415 Alum Member
    248 karma


  • Yinhui LiYinhui Li Member
    10 karma

    Pages some /Work.

  • ToastadaToastada Alum Member
    4 karma

    Practice sets are not working for me. Says that site is experiencing technical difficulties.

  • Alan Cheuk-2Alan Cheuk-2 Administrator
    3075 karma

    Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the trouble! I know that I'd be frustrated if I was ready to get some studying in, and the site kept throwing errors.

    We figured out the problems, the fixes are live, and everything should be working normally again.

    As @christina.parchem guessed this happened because we put out a major update to the site a couple of hours ago to prepare for the upcoming changes. Unfortunately, the changeover silently corrupted one of our servers, which resulted in random "Not Found" errors. The ProblemSet and PrepTest issues were due to a different issue - a bug slipped by because of a subtle difference in our development servers and the real servers.

    Sorry again!

  • tsengel_2018tsengel_2018 Alum Member
    144 karma

    Thank you very much! Much appreciate the hard work you guys are doing behind the screen.

  • tanika.stanika.s Alum Member
    185 karma

    Hi. i am experiencing the symbols not properly showing. The flag symbol is a rectangle box, the X's on the side are rectangle boxes, etc. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    Just doing a hard refresh should sort that out for you, here is a link describing how to do it :)

  • tanika.stanika.s Alum Member
    185 karma

    thank you!

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