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LSAT Accomodations

Christina WaltonChristina Walton Alum Member
in General 769 karma

I am wondering if it would be beneficial or not to request accomodations on the LSAT for 50% additional time. I have a disability which would I believe would qualify me for extra time, however I don't want to request accomodations if it would look bad on my score for schools to see I got extra time, or if it would look bad if I requested accomodations but got denied. #help


  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
    1058 karma

    I don't think schools are aware if you are given accommodations... I read somewhere that they used to mark the score in the past if you had extra time but I believe they can't do that anymore.

  • jfpeterkinjfpeterkin Member
    79 karma

    apply for the accommodation if you get approved great if not that's okay too. i think it goes if you have a letter from your doctor indicating why you need it example you have anxiety then they go from there. But LSAC is unable to disclose that you received accommodations on the test.

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