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Question about Utilizing Practice Tests

CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
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So I am preparing (again!) to take the February LSAT (or even delay to June) and I feel I have a fairly thorough approach.

Years ago, I found some success with the PowerScore bibles. Fewer years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed 7Sage’s methods but felt I wasn’t fully prepared to grasp some of the more advanced methods. So, here is my plan (I like seeing different perspectives/approaches for questions to find what’s best for me):

Phase 1: I am restarting my study with the LSAT Trainer to provide a broad foundation.

Phase 2: I will then move to a more focused approach with the LG Bible, LR Bible, and Manhattan RC book. Then the LR Loophole book.

Phase 3: Finally, I will move to 7Sage after I have developed a strong foundation and will be able to appreciate the more advanced methods (such as conditional chaining).

How should I incorporate the practice tests? Ideally, I would like to save the tests that I can for after working through this material.

One one hand, I feel like I should do some tests as I work through each phase. Maybe at the very least take one at the end of each phase?

On the other hand, I know the importance of drilling and simply reading the information is not going to be enough for me. I’m hopeful that the drills and examples in the chapters will be helpful but I am doubtful they will be enough.

I think at a steady pace it will take me about 3 months to get through this material which would leave me with four months of practice tests until February. With thorough blind review, I think my limit will be two practice tests a week.

So, what say you?!!! I appreciate any and all responses.

My diagnostic was a 144 but I would like to blame my cat for a few missed points.

Thanks for reading my thesis and best of health to you all.


  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
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    Hey there! This is just my opinion. But I think you may have too many curriculum options. I have gone through several of the ones you mentioned and in the end I would have only used 7Sage and maybe the LR Loophole book. The reason is because these two resources are careful to save a lot of exams for you to use a fresh PTs. I haven't used Manhattan Prep but I did use PowerScore and felt like they skip around a lot and pull questions from very recent exams. After all of the curricula I went through, I didn't have many PTs left to practice on that were completely fresh. I really think all you need is 7Sage and a few hours with a good tutor from the 7Sage approved list to master this exam.

    I would recommend waiting to take PTs until after you are done with the course/books you choose. That being said, drilling parts of the early exams as you learn the different sections can be helpful to retain what you are learning. And don't forget to fool proof LGs before you start PTing.

    If you find the conditional chaining to be too advanced then consider buying an intro to logic textbook and go through that before starting the CC.

    I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and your cat!

  • CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
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    @"The Great White Shark" said:
    Hey there! This is just my opinion.

    I missed my notification of your reply and wanted to thank you for taking the time to offer your advice!

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