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just some advice lol

msssss20msssss20 Core Member
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  • FJ15FJ15 Member
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    Kaplan sucks. My advice would be to not give up. It looks bad right now, but if you are doing PT's and scoring in the upper 150s, a lot of the concepts are already locked in your head. Try scheduling the test for a later date that way you have plenty of time with 7Sage, it makes a big difference. In terms of anxiety, I began yoga during LSAT prep and that has helped soo much! I also make sure to exercise regularly, sleep early, and take magnesium (which also helps with anxiety). My test scores improved so much by little factors I was changing outside of practice. Do not give up on yourself. Keep your head up, you got this!!

  • NamritaktNamritakt Member
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    First, you are amazing for even attempting to write this test and powering through despite your anxiety. I would recommend using Calm or Headspace (free meditation apps) and exercising, as well as giving yourself a daily reminder of your achievements and capability to do well. 60% of your score is a reflection of your knowledge, and the other 40% is a reflection of your confidence. Have faith in yourself, keep trying, and you will receive a 160+ on this test.

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