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PT scores

Has anyone experienced PT fluctuations from high to low? I have gone from 160, to 155 to 159. Need some help! Thank you!


  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
    203 karma

    Yes, I have experienced fluctuations. When I have a major fluctuation (up or down) I usually take a look at how hard each section was rated in the analytics section. 9 out of 10 times in my case it was related to having a super hard or super easy section.

  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
    203 karma

    Also, I can tell you from personal experience, sometimes you just have a tough day. It may be hard to focus, or there's some super loud buzzing noise in the background, or it's been a tough week at work and your down. It's just one score and you can recover from it.

  • meganday2121meganday2121 Member
    74 karma

    This happens to me and I am glad to find that it is pretty common. I've been hard on myself when my scores dip, but in reviewing those tests, it happens when there is an insane RC passage that I just didn't get at all, or a LG that I struggled to get a good diagram for. What I try to tell myself is that PTs are for practice, that's it. They can gauge where you are, but show you where you can work on, as well as your strengths. Your journey sounds totally normal to me! Best of luck!

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